The COOLTRON Air-Flow Monitor

Peerless Electronics COOLTRON AFM

The COOLTRON air-flow monitor switch, or CEZ0004X-B01, provides a simple alternative to indicate positive or negative air flow of fans or blowers. When properly installed and connected in series with an optical (i.e. LED) or audible signaling device, a bi-directional switch will activate an electrical contact if the air flow of the fan falls below 8.2 ft/s, turning the signaling device on or off. The COOLTRON monitor CEZ0004X-B01 includes a 120mm plastic fan guard.

Be Proactive With Your Company's Power Devices

With the COOLTRON CEZ0004X-B01, you can closely monitor your power supply components to ensure they are performing at optimal levels. Such devices can include:


  • Power Supplies
  • Power Over Ethernet Midspans
  • Displays
  • Servers
  • Telecom Equipment & Switches
  • Medical Equipment - Cabinets, Kiosks, Enclosures
  • ...and any other sensitive power component requiring a fan or blower.
Special Offer from Peerless Electronics

Why Choose the COOLTRON CEZ0004X-B01?

Be Proactive With Your Company's Power Devices
  • The COOLTRON CEZ0004X-B01 provides you a peace-of-mind assurance that your power components are functioning as expected. 
  • Built-in alarm and LED indicator in the event of a malfunction with your fan/blower.
  • Top quality yet 4x LESS expensive than its competitors
  • Operating life of 100,000 cycles
  • IP-20 Rated
  • The most efficient and affordable option on the market

CEZ0004X-B01  - $19.95 per


CEZ0004X-B01 - $16.50 per (QTY 200+)